The Karagheusian Foundation’s programs run the gamut of medical, educational, social, and housing assistance.

Today the Foundation is active in Armenia, Karabagh, and Lebanon, implementing a wide range of initiatives which help lift the lives of disadvantaged children and families from poverty and disease, provide educational and social support, and foster economic self-sufficiency through vocational training.


Programs in Lebanon

The Karagheusian Foundation’s Primary Healthcare Center in Burj Hammud provides the Armenian community with a wide range of medical and dental services, including a comprehensive school-health program.

The Foundation also benefits the community with a multifaceted social-assistance program, tutoring for at-risk youths, a study room, a summer camp, and a pioneering vocational-training program.

The Foundation remains active in the town of Aynjar. Here, in addition to operating a Pediatric Clinic and a Dental Clinic, the Foundation provides ophthalmological services, a school-health program, and embroidery classes. Moreover, the Foundation operates a Pediatric Clinic and provides medical consultations in the nearby town of Mejdel al Aynjar.


Programs in Armenia and Karabagh

The Karagheusian center in Yerevan’s Nork-Marash district comprises pediatric dentistry and ophthalmology clinics and functions as the Foundation’s headquarters for Armenia and Karabagh. The center is a major hub for the retraining and certification of dental professionals. It also offers embroidery, wood-carving, and painting classes to children and teenagers.

In addition to its Nork-Marash center, the Foundation has children’s clinics in Sebastia (Yerevan), Gyumri, Goris, Vanadzor, and Stepanakert (Karabagh). All of these clinics provide complete dental, ophthalmological, and optometric services, including optical prosthetics, and facilitate dozens of eye surgeries a year.

The Karagheusian Foundation provides other pediatric-healthcare programs as well. It sponsors life-saving surgeries for children with congenital heart disease, and distributes wheelchairs, hearing aids, and medications to children suffering from familial Mediterranean fever and epilepsy

The Karagheusian Foundation is a major supporter of clinics, hospitals, orphanages, schools, youth camps, and nursing homes across Armenia and Karabagh. It contributes to building and renovation projects, and donates supplies, medical equipment, and furniture.

The Foundation’s assistance initiatives also include a housing program for families of wounded or perished soldiers.